Mirror API on Google App Engine

If you've ever wanted to run Google Glass's Mirror API on the Google App Engine - here is a solution that will work out of the box.

The Project

While we were preparing a new Google Glass project that puts some fancy live card onto our glass, we encountered some difficulties with Google's Mirror API Quickstart project.

So for implementing a unique idea and launch it into the clouds we needed to modify the sample code to make it GAE ready. And while we were there, we simply created a cool app to reach the appspot cloud, and we thought that it might be useful for you as well.

You can check it out from our repository, add your cool logic, generate some secret keys and app ID and there it is!


The original sample has been modified to make it suitable for AppEngine runtime environment. See the README for details.


Java, AppEngine, Mirror API, oauth2


Glass sample application capable of running on top of AppEngine.

Code Repository