KML - Visualizing flight tracks in a browser in 3D

Contributing KML gx:Tour and LineString support for Cesium)

Our enthusiasm about combining aviation and high-end online technologies resulted in our contributing to the WebGL-based Cesium virtual globe project, to allow us to visualize actual flight tracks that are being flown in real-time by people. This allows to look at a real-time or recorded flight path in a simple web browser (no additional software needed) in full 3D glory, including photo-realistic terrain & the awesome shapes of the mountains.

For a demonstration, point your browser to: - to re-live a wonderul flight path from Zürich to Locarno via the Swiss alps, touching the Gotthard pass and the beautiful mountain of Matterhorn - the real-world inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien's Misty Mountains in Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings. You can verify the realness-factor of the rendering by looking at GoPro recording of the original flight here: , with static pictures here:

Currently we're wroking with so that real-time flights whose flight planning is managed by their service can be tracked live. For a random demonstration of a real-time flight, see here: