The project

ShoppEEr is a task manager app for android; its basic concept is to help families manage their shopping. Family members are granted access to shopping lists by way of e-mail invitations; after authorizations have been customized, users can create new lists, or edit and share existing ones, plus follow shopping real-time. This is complemented by a foursquare-based „radar”, which—depending on the settings—can send push notifications to users if they are close to a selected store, and helps them search the map (for stores).

shoppeer_shoppinglists shoppeer_list


The current version of ShoppEEr is operable on certain android platforms (it was tested on android 2.2 and 2.3).

Technologies, foursquare API, android


In the end, the project was not published on the android market owing primarily to a sudden drop in our developer and tester resources. We did not encounter any major problem in the early testing phase, so in theory there is no obstacle for publishing.

Code repository: