Introducing EU Edge Labs!

We can't help to learn new technologies all the time. It's in our blood. It's in our DNA. It's not even our second nature - this is our first and true nature.We've kept most of these projects to ourselves in the past - but now, we've decided to publish our experiments to the wider audience, branded as EU Edge Labs.

Most of the projects you'll see here root in our deeply ingrained curiosity towards a wide number of things. As you'd expect with experiments, some have resulted in failures and quite a few were successful in proving the worthiness of a new technology - and all were successful in terms of us learning hands-on details of something new. Most of these projects have stopped after this point, as we focused our attention to the next best thing.

The biggest winner of our Labs activities are of course our clients - who can rely on us always knowing about the latest & greatest out there in detail. So when we suggest a new technology for use in a new project, they can be sure that we've already done experimenting with it, and we're fully ready to work with the new stuff in earnest.