Hungarian solution in the Mozilla code

As one of the major participants of the open source scene, Mozilla has always been known to support the development of leading edge technologies both financially and with resources. They called the Shumway project to life in the frame of Mozilla Research as an open source alternative to Adobe Flash Player with the intention of bridging the gap between older Flash-based technologies and the freshest HTML5 standards-based modern web. The software professionals of the Hungarian EU Edge have also pulled their weight in the development process, ultimately solving the problem that bugged both Mozilla and Prezi.

One of the cornerstones of both the current technological renewal at Prezi and the concept behind Shumway was to find a JavaScript substitute to FlashPlayer. The professionals of Prezi sought out the help of EU Edge, whom then also started to work on Mozilla's beta phase Shumway.

At the beginning of the project, neither side was thoroughly convinced that Shumway would yield results similar in quality to that of FlashPlayer, but once EU Edge's Róbert Szalóki took to dismantling Shumway, things were beginning to look up. Ultimately, the recently announced technological renewal of Prezi also benefitted greatly from the transformation of the rendering algorithms behind Shumway and their integration into a browser component.

As opposed to the sluggish and resource intensive Flash rendering, the Shumway integration has managed to increase both the speed and efficiency of the Prezi rendering engine, moreover, the project also resulted in the elimination of several bugs from the core of Shumway to the satisfaction of Mozilla.

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