What is Shumway?

  1. a pioneer of heart surgery
  2. a place in California
  3. the open source flash player of Mozilla

It's like pdf.js, only it's executes .swf files with all their knickknackery. It is but an urban legend that flash is a closed source system: Adobe has released excellent documentation for the .swf file format. Still, this is a 200+ page specification of the format, which hardly says anything about, for example, the hows of rendering a tiger. On top of it all, rendering is just a portion of the whole package, as the flash player can execute action scripts as well - so Shumway must also be capable of doing so, in order to make physical modeling work.

Why would I need Shumway?

Shumway is for you if you happen to have an abundance of .swf files and you'd like to run them without the Adobe Flash Player. There are several possible underlying reasons: you don't have Flash Player on your target platform (iOS, Android), or it is available but your user did not (or cannot) install it. As opposed to this, browsers are always at hand. :)

Fantastic! Why don't we use it everywhere then?

It's great that you like the idea, but Shumway is still in need of a good deal of optimization and debugging.The Flash Player was released in 1996 and is still in development, so it will take some time until the two systems will render an .swf file without a difference.

The good news is, this is an open source project, so I could help with the following:

  1. letter- and text-rendering
  2. shape-rendering
  3. optimization and integrability development